kd cleaners servicekd cleaners service

KD Cleaning Services provides the best floor cleaning service in Oakland and maintenance programs to a diverse range of clients. All floors need to be regularly mopped, scrubbed, waxed, polished, buffed and refinished dependent on traffic and use.

Floor cleaning service is highly recommended on a frequent basis for hygienic purposes as well as proper business image.

The floor cleaning service of KD Cleaners is customized to meet your project specifications. Our programs consist of professional and systematic floor cleaning programs to give all types of flooring superior finish and cleanliness.

The staffs of KD Cleaners are fully trained in the latest technology of floor care and uses Green cleaning products. Leave it to KD Cleaners floor cleaning service in Oakland to restore your carpet, wood, stone, marble, and tile flooring to its original condition. KD Cleaners floor cleaning service guarantees that the appearance of your floors and establishment will always be at its optimal level.


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